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        Sometimes I feel like the world has lost the capacity for admiration, to experience the incredible, to revel in astonishment. Life is filled with grace, motion, color, texture, and beauty. If we only pause to look, we can see and experience these qualities everywhere.

This is what I attempt to accomplish with my photographs, to call attention to the wondrousness of the world, to share the extraordinary richness of existence with others, to capture the magnificence of expression and gesture, and to highlight what is so often missed in ordinary observation.





By carefully composing, lighting, choreographing, and manipulating every minute aspect of every composition, I strive to transform the ordinary into perfection and to achieve, if only for brief instants, moments of pure utopia.

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2023            PROFILES Exposition, Rosewood Hotel, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2022            PORSCHE Exposition, Embellished Collaboration with Pedro Fonseca, Cancun, Mexico

2022            CAO Exposition, Portraits Collective Expo, Cancun, Mexico

2022            CAO Exposition, Roots Expo, Cancun, Mexico

2020            Atelier Art Gallery, Day of the Death Expo, Cancun, Mexico

2020            Cube Art Fair in Association with Brussels Government Exhibition 

2020             UMO Art Gallery

2019             Artimage Brazil, Brazil

2018          A Sanchez Gallery, Portrait Collective, Dec-Feb, Cancun, Mexico

2017          Art Basel (Spectrum) December 5-9, Miami, FL, USA

2017           A Sanchez Gallery Mayan Collection, Cancun, Mexico

2017          Cube Fine Art Fair, October Brussels, Belgium

2017          A Sanchez Gallery, May- July, Cancun, Mexico

2017          Art Santa Fe, Santa fe, NM, USA

2017          A Sanchez Gallery Feb- April, Cancun, Mexico

2017          ArtExpo New York, April 23-26, New York, NY, USA

2017          Artifact NYC Feb 1-5, New York, NY, USA

2016          A Sanchez Gallery December, Cancun, Mexico

2016          Galeria Nahualli May 21- June 21, Merida, Mexico

2015          Galeria Habitante July 7-15, Panama, Panama

2012          Galeria El Jardin December, Guanajuato, Mexico

2012          Casa de la Cultura June-July, Irapuato, Mexico



& Publications

* (2014)  Photo Magazine 


* (2016) IPA "International Photography Awards" 2nd Place in Fashion


* (2016) IPA "International Photography Awards" 5 Honorific Mentions in this year awards in the Nature Category


* (2016) Article published in the recognized magazine "Digital Camera"

London, UK


* (2016) Arab PX Publication on an article based on Fine Art Portrait photography


* (2016) Article on Photography Week


* (2016) Interviewed in the world´s biggest curated photo gallery online ""


*(2020) Interview Elite Magazine


*(2020) Published Pasha Style

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