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1. How can I purchase one of the artworks?

Contact us at

2. When acquiring an artwork, do you also acquire the digital rights?

No, the rights belong to the Artists ONLY

3. Can I see the artwork in person?

Yes, by going to any of our points of sale.

4. How long does the purchasing process take? (From your order to delivery)

Approximately 5 to 10 days (plus shipping time)

5. Are all the products that appear on the page available?

Most of the Artwork is available, however there might be times where the edition is sold

6. Do you have more artworks besides those shown on your page?

We are always on the making of new Artwork, however; what we have displayed on the page is the only artwork available.

7. How customizable are the artworks?

We can customize the framework of the work, but the work itself cannot be modified or customized.

8. Are they signed?

Every artwork is signed by the artists.

9. What is the return or guarantee policy?

If the artwork does not meet your expectations, we will return your money.

10. Can I cancel, modify or return my order?

Yes, you can cancel the order, modify it and even return it.

11. Do you have restorations?

No, we do not have restorations.

12. What are the crafting materials?

Fine Art Paper, Canvas & Acrylic (depending on the Edition)

13. Do you have a leasing or membership program?

Yes, contact an advisor for more details.

14. How can I receive information about the works in my email?

Subscribe to our mailing list.

15. Types of payment.

Oxxo Pay, Credit Card, PayPal, Cash, MercadoPago, Stripe and Wire Transfer

16. Will I have my Artwork ready to hang as soon as I receive it?

Yes, we offer the option the customize your Frames (extra cost)

17. How can I track my order?

You will be given an order number and we will confirm your tracking number as soon as it leaves our warehouse.

18. Do you ship outside of Mexico?

We have shipments all over the world. They have an extra cost outside of Mexico. For more information, contact an advisor. (ALL shipments are FREE in Mexico)

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